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Age of Responsibility Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Jacob Gebreyesus
English 10C
March 6, 2014

Why Are Laws So Complicated?
Most people believe the age of responsibility is the stage of a person’s life when they are viewed as an adult in the eyes of the law.   In the United States, this concept revolves around the age of 18.   However, some cases, including drinking, driving, and having sex, do not truly apply to this concept.   Currently, the United States legal drinking age is 21.   Be that as it may, the national drinking age should be increased to 25.   There are too many DUIs in the United States and these are mostly caused by the misusage of alcoholic beverages.   In addition, another law that should be raised is the driving age.   Presently, the national driving age is 16½.   This age should be changed to 18 years of age.   Teenagers today are excessively disobeying the rules of the road and this is caused by a lack of experience on the road.   Once again, yet another law should be changed: the age of consent.   To be specific, consenting to have sex as a decision of your choice is the part of this law that should be raised.   As of now, the age of consent is negated the second that you turn 18 years old.   However, many of those teenagers unknowingly disregard the consequences that come along with having sex at a very young age.   So consequently, although the age of consent may end at 18 years old, having sex should be held off until 25 years of age as well as the drinking age.   So, in all reality, the laws of the United States, with an exception of the driving age, should coincide and revolve around one specific age: 25.
Currently, the national US legal drinking age is 21 years old.   However, this age should be raised to 25.   In 2009, the Prevention Research Center and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation created a survey on the youth drinking rates and problems in the United States.   One of the surveys they conducted was created to find out the percent of 15-16 year olds reporting drinking...

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