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Affectts of Two Types of Abuse on Health and Well-Being Essay

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Below is an essay on "Affectts of Two Types of Abuse on Health and Well-Being" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Physical Abuse
The likely effects of physical abuse for Tamina can be broken bones, bruises, cuts, grazes,
like post-traumatic stress disorder
The short-term effects of physical abuse are typically obvious and treatable by an emergency room physician or other healthcare provider. They can range from cuts, bruises, broken bones and other physical maladies. There are long-term physical abuse effects from these injuries as well, however.

The bruises on Tamina’s arm can be abuse but it depends on the bruise e.g. if there are finger print marks then its abuse whether it was done on purpose or by accident.

Effects of Physical Abuse on Children

Children are severely affected by physical abuse even if they, themselves, were not the victims of violence. It has been found that one-third of children who witness the battering of their mother demonstrate significant behavioural and emotional problems. The effects of physical abuse on children may include:
•Psychosomatic disorders (disorders in which mental factors play a significant role – often vague complaints of pain)
•Anxiety; fears; compulsive behavior
•Sleep disruption
•Excessive crying
•Problems at school
•Self-destructive behavior; running away
•Anger and hostility
•Low self-esteem
•Difficulty trusting others; relationship problems


Children who witness physical abuse are also more likely to be victims (often women) or perpetrators (often men) of physical abuse as adults. (Healthy Place: Accessed on: 13/04/15)

The potential long-term effects of physical abuse for Tamina can include
Unfortunately, many of the injuries sustained from physical abuse affect the victim as they grow older. The long-term effects of physical abuse include:1
•Hypertension (high blood pressure)
•Heart disease
•Chronic pain syndromes
Other physical illnesses, such as diabetes, may be worsened due to physical abuse as the victim may have been denied...

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