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Ads 'R' Us Journal Entries Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Ads ‘R’ Us Journal Entries

Look at the last paragraph on page 27. Explain Aunt Kara’s view of advertising. Do you think this is relevant in today’s world?

Aunt Kara views advertising as an absolute necessity in their life. She believes everyone needs to be subject to advertisements to be able to live the life they are currently living. She says “it educates the public, and pays for so many things we take for granted” I do think this is relevant in today’s world, however not quite to the extent that she believes. Our world would not function as successfully as it does today I t weren’t for advertisements. Companies would go broke and consumers would not know of anything to buy. Our world right now is not so different to Kara’s world. For example: we have advertisements on the side of cars, on billboards and even when we go to hotels and are given sample products (like explained in Barret’s bedroom in the Chattering World). She believes in a continuous loop of advertisement after advertisement with no escape whereas in today’s world it has no need to be so full on. It needs to allow us to still have a choice on how much advertising we are prone to and to be able to turn the majority of it off.

What is the effect of using alternating voices of each character to tell the story?

The effects of using alternate voices personalize the story and we, as readers, are provided with each characters knowledge and opinions during the situation, without the unrelatable specifics of an individual personality. It is a very effective way of bringing out the characters personality as it provides multiple points of view. It means each chapter is devoted to the voice of the character after who it is titled. Therefore the plot becomes separated into parts, thus showing us how Barrett felt during a scene and how Taylor felt during a scene.

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