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Adoption In The United States Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Adoption in the United States
    Even though it may not be the right time for a birthmother to raise a baby, she could help another family fulfill their lifelong dream to have a baby. Although adoption may be the right decision for her to make for her and her baby, adoption is a forever decision. The birthmother can contact an adoption professional in her state and explore adoption as the right decision for her and her baby.
    What is Adoption?
    Adoption is a legal decision that gives the right for someone else to raise a child. The birthmother gives up her rights as the legal parent of her child (Adopt Florida, 2002). Adoption is also considered to be a loving act of caring for a child. The birthparent(s) can choose for another family to raise their child out of love for their child. Working together, the birthparent(s) and the adoptive parents will make a plan in the best interest of the child (American adoptions, 2009). Adoption is not foster care, rather, a permanent placement for a child. Do not rush into adoption without fully understanding and exploring other choices (Adoption Network, 2003-2010). Although adoption may be the right decision for the birthmother to make, adoption is a forever decision. Whether the birthmother is single or married, she may believe that her relationship is not stable enough to raise a child or cannot care for a child (American Adoptions, 2009). Every reason to choose adoption is unique. To make adoption a decision can be very difficult. It may take strength and courage to go through the adoption process and to make this important decision.
    Why Adoption?
    Some pregnant women choose adoption for a variety of reasons. They want to make the best decision for them and for their child. Give to her child what they cannot at this point in her life (Adoption network, 2003-2010).
    Women are putting their baby’s needs ahead of their own needs for the love of their child. They are deciding to give their child...

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