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Addictions Essay

  • Submitted by: Descobar
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Addictions" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Presentation of Arguments Worksheet

Name: Daniel Escobar

Topic: Addictions

Thesis Statement: Addictions are mental and we all have an addiction. Openly addictions are every where.
Argument 1 Addictions are mental.
Addictions are every where, depending on our mental state to either reject the thought of addiction or indulge in simple addictions, is all a mental event. Mental events are generated as a small idea or out of curious thoughts, which leads to actions and then those actions are repeated unhealthy or in a control or uncontrolled environment which the habits then set-in and developed, to what we refer to as a more stable term known as addiction(s).
Argument 2 We all have addictions.
Addictions are not just drugs and alcohol. Pause and think of a pattern day or a repeated action, is that not an addiction? Our thinking pattern leads to our actions, positive thinking can lead to positive action. Are there positive addictions? We as people as a nation we all have some kind of addiction(s).

Argument 3 Recovery is just to break addiction(s).
Addictions are mental and we all have addictions. Our mental thinking can lead us down the unlighted path to addiction. With the right mental thinking addictions can improve but the road to recovery is a life long battle. Sour relations are a mental and emotional addiction. Relations can be dim and unstable minds uses poor judgement. No this is not about relations but addictions. Some of our addictions are relation base or we allow our mental to diverse our logic and try to cope with addictions by dismissing the positive thinking. Recovery is a life changing event and a mental change as well. Doing positive, is thinking positive which is a major recovery key factor. If I may add, addictions are mental as well as emotional and it effect more than we can pen point. Recovery is not just a word nor an action its a positive motion in which brings people together to battle addiction(s).

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