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Acupunture Essay

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The Natural Health Blog http://thenaturalhealthclinic.wordpress.com/category/acupuncture/
The Natural Health Blog http://thenaturalhealthclinic.wordpress.com/category/acupuncture/

Acupuncture is a medicine from China. It uses thin needles to treat people by inserting them into the certain part of the body. It is a method to cure pain from chronic aches.
As stated on the NHS website (www.NHS.co.uk ) Acupuncture is most commonly used to cure pain such as: Headaches, Lower back pain and Osteoarthritis. According to the National Institution for Health and care excellence (NICE), scientist studies the effects that acupuncture has on pain. Results show that the treatment is excellent in relieving pain in conditions such as dental surgery, reducing nausea and vomiting that comes with pregnancy. Also it helps people with conditions such as asthma and anxiety.
There are many Benefit and Risks of having acupuncture, Amy Harris (2013). One of the benefit is that is that acupuncture is non-invasive treatment, which has no side effects or recovery time. Another Benefit is that it is suitable for all kind of ages regardless of their physical condition. However it is not suitable for people who suffer from bleeding disorders and blood thinners. It also helps to remove toxins, when the thin needles are inserted in to certain part of the body, it increases the blood flow resulting in a faster healing process.
Risks that are involved with acupuncture is that there are some side effects such as feeling sick, feeling faint and drowsiness but these conditions are mild and short lasting. There might also be some serious complication during the treatment such as infections or damage to tissue, are extremely rare. This normally takes place when the treatment is carried out by someone who has not been trained properly. To avoid this risks you should always see if the acupuncture practitioner is highly qualified. Mayo clinic...

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