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Acting Essay

  • Submitted by: andreloover
  • on April 3, 2014
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the Usherettes sing in the Broadway Musical, The Producers, written by Mel Brooks and

Tom Meehan. With every new show, there is always competition to be the best show.

Since the tender age of six-years-old, I have performed in over fifty stage productions.

Out of those productions, I have done a New York City World Premier, tours, regional

theatre and many other types of theatrical demonstrations. I would like to continue my

hobby as an occupation. To continue with my thespian career, what do I need to make

this goal come true?

An actor is a person who performs on a stage or on the screen. To be a thespian

takes time, patience and talent.(Actors; Yehling)

Several people believe the misconception that acting is not a respectable

profession. Where in fact, apart of being a thespian is understanding that people won’t

give them the full respect they deserve. Another important part[->0] of being an actor is to feel

good about what their doing. In addition, to feeling good about yourself you need to,

“interpret life through the window of your own life[->1] experiences.” (Yehling) Although

jobs are very scarce, it helps to do a show that has good material. To increase the chances

of getting employed professional training is imperative. According to Careers in

Acting eighty-six percent of non-equity actors receive training of some kind. Before a

production begins, an actor must memorize all lines and cues for the first rehearsal. Once

in rehearsal for a show, it is now even more critical to spend numerous hours on their

own time to go over blocking and songs.


(Avenue Q) Unlike regular jobs that you can stay in for a lifetime, acting jobs are usually

short-term. The average chorus job could last for around five months. Lead roles however

could last for sometimes years. For most jobs you go to interviews for the job, for acting


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