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Accountability Essay

  • Submitted by: bsmurf21
  • on March 22, 2012
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Accountability, Importance of Following an Order, and Being on Time at Your Appointed Place of Duty
By Cpl Brendan R. Murphy

In this essay I Brendan Murphy will be discussing the topics of accountability, importance of following an order, and being on time at your appointed place of duty. I am going to describe each of these topics to explain the importance of each of these subjects. Each one of these subjects is very important in the military and civilian world.
Now accountability is very important in the military work place. As you get higher through the ranks you should always know where your marines are at all times, because not knowing where your marines is the vital you’re accomplishing your mission. Also resulting and not having accountability can get you and the marine in trouble. It looks bad on a marine when they ask you where this marine is and you say I don’t know, then In that persons mind he or she probably does not think your responsible, or capable of being in charge of marines and might charge you.
In wars accountability is very important to have. You must know where your marines are at, at all times. Because if you get into a firefight and you happen to lose a marine, then too many possible things could happen. Then you won’t know if the marine was a deserter, or captured, or worse died. Then on top of that if you can’t find the marine how is that going to look on you when you go back to base and tell your chain of command you lost a marine and do not know where he is. Accountability is important and if you were the marine in charge, you would be relieved of your duties, definitely would be getting a non judicial punishment.
Accountability is just not about people, you also need to be accountable for your gear. Especially in the military world knowing where your gear is at is very essential to mission accomplishment. That’s why in the military we do so many sl-3 and gear inventories. Now in my MOS accountability of your gear is...

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