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Abuse Essay

  • Submitted by: pratiksharai
  • on April 18, 2015
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Tutor: Salma Hussain
Student: Pratiksha Rai
Tutor: Salma Hussain
Student: Pratiksha Rai

There are many types of abuse which can affect young people and children. Some examples are; physical abuse, this is when you are physically harmed or injured by another person, for example; biting punching, hitting and pinching. Emotional abuse, it’s when your ‘self-worth’ or ‘self-dignity’ is affected because of other person’s behaviour or action, for example; name-calling, swearing and screaming. Sexual abuse, it’s when you are sexually assaulted or harassed by another person, for example; rape and inappropriate touching. Discriminatory abuse, this is when you are discriminated by other people based on your gender, race, culture, religion, etc. for example; racial discrimination and age discrimination. And, neglect, this is when your needs or basic necessities like, food, shelter, etc. is being ignored, for example; poor clothing, ill-health and poor nutrition.
Signs and symptoms of abuse:
  1. Being less social: If a child or a young person is being less social or socially inactive then it could be a sign of abuse. Children and young people who are abused are more likely to isolate themselves from other people, including their friends and teachers. The reason could be that they find it hard to trust others or communicate with others, and this might be because they have had been abused or misused at the time when they did trust other people. While being abused, children or young people often lose their self-confidence or self-value, which make them think that they are not worthy enough and that they are less likeable.
  2. Talking about inappropriate topics: Being sexually abused can change children’s or young people’s mentality and make them think that talking about sexually explicit topics to other people is absolutely fine and normal. Because they are children or young people, they might still lack the understanding of sexual knowledge; this lackness...

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