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Abortion In Media Essay

  • Submitted by: BritLitReader
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Abortion In Media" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As a Christian, I believe abortion is murder. As a Christian I believe God has given us all free will to make choices. As a Christian I believe we all sin. As a Christian I believe I am told to not judge. As a Christian I believe I am told to "love my neighbor as myself". As a Christian I CHOOSE to not have abortions- I have three children, so I had the opportunity. It is not my place, according to Christ, to force my morals or beliefs on anyone...I can tell them what I believe, but it's up to them to make their own choices. It is not my place to judge people for making choices I don't morally agree with or are sins according to my beliefs. I have sinned just as much as the next person. I haven't necessarily sinned in the same way, but that is irrelevant. God doesn't distinguish between sins and neither do I. Christians should obey their Lord and should stop being keepers of the Law. Pray for others to come to the Lord, not be changed or punished, but pray for yourself to have compassion and understanding and humility. Be the light and love everyone.
I love Chelsea...I think she's funny and entertaining. I commend her for being honest about her past, her actions and her feelings. She discussed a lot with Rosie about the pain she felt growing up. People can't heal if you don't let them admit their truth. She may not believe that her decision was wrong, but she did admit she made that decision and expressed how her initial idea was to keep the baby. Her parents told her to have the abortion and she did. It's hard to say you made a mistake when the path the other choice would've taken her down was not one that is as impressive as fame and fortune. Her decision to not have children now seems to directly correlate to her decision to not have a child at 16. That is unfortunate. I pray she isn't punishing herself by not allowing herself to want a child because she feels hypocritical or guilty about the abortion. God has forgiven her and she can forgive herself. As far as...

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