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Abnormal Psychology: Psychological/Social Factors That Influence Health Essay

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  • on December 10, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Abnormal Psychology: Psychological/Social Factors That Influence Health" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Abnormal Psychology: Psychological/Social factors
That influence health
Psychosocial effects on physical disorders

The human body is a beautiful, wonderful, complex creation that leaves one wondering how it all began. The human psych and our physical being combine to create the universes most unique creatures. With the world globalizing and technological development taking place at such a rapid pace, the average person is living a never ending cycle consumed with materialistic desires. In the olden culture one was taught to make the best of what they had and lived a simple life however since the beginning of the twentieth century and into the twenty first, for people it has become all about attaining the most expensive or the most attractive of things.   Nonetheless every aspect of life requires a certain level of balance that people today do not comprehend, leading into many physical and mental disorders simply caused by stress and other factors.
Stress is known as one of the world’s leading cause of fatalities , not only linked with emotional afflictions but also has begun to cause severe physical impairments. Essentially, stress is considered a reaction to change (UNB Writing Centre, n.d); it can either be positive or negative affecting both the mind and body.   This has a lot to do with the chemical movements in our brain; the Hypothalamus is at the top of the brain and contains the Hippocampus, responsible for controlling our emotional memories, which is very responsive to Cortisol otherwise known as Stress Hormones. The Hippocampus helps ‘turn off’ the stress response however if levels of Cortisol increase within the Hippocampus it kills the nerve cells rendering the Hippocampus useless. Without the Hippocampus amounts of Cortisol increases within the brain leading to cell deaths causing brain damage and consequently physical impairments. Acute and Chronic stress are two main types of stresses that vary according to severity. Acute stress is an...

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