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Abnormal Psychology Paper

  • Submitted by: laurabentz
  • on July 24, 2012
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Team C
Abnormal Psychology and Therapy
Laura Carranza
Armanda Meadows
Quoc Nguyen
Andrea Sanchez
Julann Wygal
May 8, 2012
Mary Madrigal PhD

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy
The purpose of this paper is to discuss abnormal psychology and therapy. First this paper will define what abnormal psychology is. Then this paper will compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology. Then the paper will examine at least two mental disorders from the perspective of psychology. Next the paper will examine two mental illnesses from the perspective of psychology. Finally the paper will discuss the similarities and difference among two different therapies in the schools of thought in psychology for treating mental disorders.
Normal and Abnormal Psychology
Normal vs. Abnormal Psychology
The study of "normal" psychology is simply the study of someone who is in good health both mentally and physically. Said person adheres to and is responsive to social norms, and engages in activities that are socially acceptable and do not stray from the norm. Normal psychology is the study of the mind and the study of behavior. When unusual patterns of behavior, thought and emotion are studied, it falls under the branch of psychology called Abnormal psychology. The control and understanding of behavior that is considered to be deviant or aberrant either statistically or morally, has been the subject of much research and debate. Psychologists who focus on abnormal psychology identify the different causes of various conditions all while employing and discovering diverse theories that derive from general psychology theories and research. However this is still much debate and controversy over what is meant by the label of "abnormal". There has always been a split between biological explanations and psychological explanations when it comes to classifying mental disorders and the mind body problem. Maladaptive behaviors and Adaptive behaviors are the two types of behaviors that...

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