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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Essay

  • Submitted by: tnikita23
  • on April 17, 2014
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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

March 30, 2014

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

In this document we are going to discuss normal psychology, abnormal psychology and the therapeutic processes individuals go through to overcome the challenges in their lives that go along with the abnormalities of mental disorders.   Mental health is a disorder that causes many people to run from the issues rather than seek the help necessary to change their lives for the better.


In the process of normal and abnormal psychology, both are referenced to behavior. They are also based on cultural principles, values, and acceptance of becoming a part of society as a whole. The cultural differences in normal and abnormal psychology are very vital in different situations to the individual suffering from mental abnormalities. Mental illnesses are usually labeled with unflattering names that can cause suffers to keep their problems to their selves rather than seek the assistance necessary to be able to live a fulfilled life.

Abnormal is defined as deviating from what is normal or usual; according to the text, psychology is defined as the scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior. So in trying to better understand the differences in abnormal psychology and the therapeutic behavior that hinders hundreds of Americans every day.   In discussing abnormal behavior the first topic we will discuss will be General Anxiety Disorders. This disorder is also know as common anxiety disorder which is characterized by a pervasive an excessive state of anxiety which is know for lasting at least six months or more.

Anxiety disorder affects individuals differently, some individual who are faced with the challenges of anxiety are subject to being stuck in the house because they are unable to control their anxiety in crowds where as others have sought out the therapy necessary to help cope with the side effect associated with this illness. In...

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