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Abnormal Psychology Essay

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  • on August 28, 2014
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Chapter 1: Abnormal Behavior


1. Which statement about abnormal psychology is accurate?
a.|Abnormal psychology seeks to describe, explain, predict, and modify unusual behaviors.|
b.|Although abnormal psychology has made several gains in the past 20 years, it is not yet a scientific field of study.|
c.|The subject matter of abnormal psychology is restricted to extremely bizarre behavior.|
d.|Most diagnoses of abnormality are based on two or three basic behavioral factors.|

ANS: A REF: The Concerns of Abnormal Psychology
OBJ: 1 MSC: Factual

2. Psychopathology, or abnormal behavior, results primarily from ____.
a.|genetic factors|
b.|environmental factors|
c.|sociocultural factors|
d.|an interaction of many factors|

ANS: D REF: Introduction OBJ: 1 MSC: Factual

3. Dr. Thompson collects information in order to describe and draw inferences about an   individual's psychological disorder. Dr. Thompson is engaged in ____.
b.|predicting dangerousness|

ANS: C REF: The Concerns of Abnormal Psychology
OBJ: 1 MSC: Applied

4. Dr. Kohn is a psychoanalyst, Dr. Edwards is a humanistic therapist, Dr. Peterson is a cognitive behavioral therapist, and Dr. James is a Gestalt therapist. Each of them would likely have a different ____ for a client's abnormality.
a.|time of onset|

ANS: B REF: The Concerns of Abnormal Psychology
OBJ: 1 MSC: Applied

5. A psychologist says, “Juan's abnormal behavior is likely due to a combination of biology and inadequate interpersonal skills.” The psychologist is ____.
a.|predicting the future symptoms of Juan|
b.|giving Juan a psychodiagnosis|
c.|offering an explanation for Juan's problem|
d.|describing how to control Juan's symptoms|

ANS: C REF: The Concerns of Abnormal Psychology
OBJ: 1 MSC: Applied

6. Which statement regarding the prediction of abnormal behavior is accurate?...

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