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Abnormal Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: Neekomac
  • on January 14, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Abnormal Psychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The effects of Abnormal Psychology do not compare to normal human behavior: Some
of these behaviors need specific medical attention and can be harmful to themselves or others.

According to Robin S. Rosenberg, medical examiner, clinical psychologist, and author of
“Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5”. She states “Half the U.S population has a diagnosable
mental disorder”.   The odds are most likely greater than 50% (46.4% to be precise) of
experiencing a mental disorder throughout a lifetime.   Robin S. Rosenberg has had over 25
years of experience in helping those achieve and overcome mental obstacles. The “Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual”, also known as the (Psychiatric Bible) is sought after by many all over the
world. The “Psychiatric Bible’ provides professionals with the capability to research, diagnose,
and improve treatment to patients with any mental disorder.   It stretches throughout all areas in
the Psychological field. The manual provides clear and concise commonly shared clinical
language,   thus ranging from: health professionals, Physicians, counselors, nurses, psychologist,
rehab and occupational therapist, forensics and legal specialist, even social workers.

These Abnormal Behaviors are studied and monitored by professionals. The
                    professionals who take on the responsibility in helping other people get back to their
                    normal state of mind, and
              find their solid ground range from several different groups of people.   Each group of people play
            a different role in helping the patient.   There are Clinical Psychologists who assist and assess and
treat mental illnesses.   A Psychiatrist who is a specialist that can diagnose and treat mental
illness.   Social Workers also work with those who have mental or emotional distress. Counselor
helps in aiding a person with psychological problems, giving them somewhere to be open. These
specialist are...

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