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Abnormal Psychology Essay

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  • on April 20, 2009
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Abnormal Psychology

      What do we mean when we talk about abnormal psychology?
Abnormal psychology deals with the causes of mental dysfunction such as mental illness or any type of emotional disturbances. There are many perspectives of abnormal psychology such as the behavioral perspective which emphasizes on the role of learning, particularly conditioning experiences on the development of psychological disorders (Wolpe, 1969).   The cognitive perspective which emphasizes on cognitions which is made up of a person’s expectations, values, beliefs, and which determines the responses of a person when confronting life's situations, and the medical perspective relates disorders to biological abnormalities(Wolpe, 1969). In today’s society there are several ways one can be treated for abnormal behaviors. In many parts of the world therapy is used for the individual and his or her family (Stayton, S. E.; & Weiner, M., 1961).
      A common type of therapy known as Social-Cognitive Therapy is common used which is concerned with the individual thoughts, attitudes, and feelings more than with internal psychological processes or non-verbal behavior (Schofield, 1964). Therapy of this kind tends to encourage self- awareness and insight into the causes of one’s psychological problems.   Another common type of therapy known as Psychoanalytic Therapy deals with exploring the individual unconscious motivation, with special importance attached to conflict and repression stemming from problems in the early stages of development (Schofield, 1964).

Normal and abnormal psychology
What is normal and abnormal psychology? Really this is based on what one considers to be normal or abnormal. Depending on one’s culture, life style or what is considered to be the social norms that are acceptable can determine the answer. Abnormal psychology basically tries to predict, or explain any abnormalities or patterns of functioning. At times...

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