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A2 English Essay

  • Submitted by: nasim123
  • on April 3, 2014
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Text C is a pamphlet for women and men designed to persuade and reinforce the traitional and idela dress code for women. Women are to be reminded and men are to edudated that females such as their wives/ sisters should conform to the appropriate dress code.
From a grammatical standpoint the author uses the definite article "the" instead of an to describe the adjective "enormous" and abstratct noun "abomination".Clearly, we find an intended harsh message is being sent, the idea of less clothing has become "The greatest abomination".We can understand that the pamphlet is demanding a return back to the status quo, therefore the noun phrase is designed to subconciously be in ones mind whilst reading the pamphlet.The fact that the reader has chosen himslef to be anonymous is also significant because he cannot be quoted or judged, people who disagree with the writers view will not be able to trace him, also the general masses will be led to think that this is the common opinion amongst all; women are dressing too scantly.
Furthermore, the auhtor uses the passive voice, " having never been a woman hater".This can be linked with the dicourse structure.Initially, all potential misconceptons about the author possibly being a "quaker" or a "methodist" or an "old man" are cleared.This is the author establishing himslef.We then find that the author mentions that the pamphlet   "is for the benefit" of women.The author makes it clear that that his view is neutral.Passive constructions like the aformentioned usage are part of a subtle build up to a deeply controversial point; women are "dear creatures" who need "a little more sense".Contextually, the author uses this method because it is plausibe that some readers may dismiss the pamphlet judging himslef to be biased.Threfore, negation of being an "old man" or a "quaker" is crucial to keep the audience reading these controversial points.

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