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a Sample Constitution Essay

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The Association for Christian Education Inc. operates Rehoboth Christian School. The Association consists of members. The members are people who support the aims of the Association and include parents and other supporters. Members attend Association meetings, vote and elect a board.
Recognizing that parents are responsible for the education of their children, The board on behalf of the Association's members seeks to establish and maintain schools for children where they may obtain the highest standard of education consistent with a Calvinistic interpretation of Scripture, in order to equip them to take a worthy place as Christians in Church, state and society.
The board on behalf of the members of the Association sets out to achieve the Association's purpose and objectives as defined in the constitution. The board also undertakes a stewardship role that is necessary for proper governance and management of the Association.

The Constitution


GOD, by His Wise Covenant arrangements, has appointed the parents to be responsible for the training of the child. Consequently, we believe, that it is our duty and privilege as Christian parents to provide Christian education for our children and as this can be best accomplished by concerted action, such as the establishing of Christian parent-controlled schools, we do hereby make and adopt the following Constitution.

In this Constitution, unless inconsistent with the context or subject matter:

a. "Association."
Shall mean "The Association for Christian Education Incorporated of Perth, Western Australia."

b. Three Doctrines of Unity.
Shall mean the Three Forms of Unity expressed as:

i. The Belgic Confession.
ii. The Heidelberg Catechism and
iii. The Canons of Dort.

c. Member.
Shall mean a single person or married couple, being a member of the Association, either life, honorary, or financial.

d. Parent.
Shall mean any parent or guardian or any person liable to...

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