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A Rose For Emily Analytical Essay

  • Submitted by: homeecgang
  • on March 23, 2012
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Sam Hardwick
February 22, 2012
7th Hour Composition
Analytical Paper
Miss Emily: She Deserved a Rose
The short story “A Rose for Emily” features a very troubled character.   This character, Emily, is also the main character of the story.   Emily faces many obstacles in her early life.   These obstacles carry on through the early stage of her life and cause problems later in life.   Emily could be characterized as crazy because she kept her father’s dead body, killed the man she loved, and slept with a dead body for the latter years of her life.  
Emily was raised by a father who was far too overprotective.   He believed that their family was better than everyone else.   Therefore every man who came in contact with Emily was never good enough for her to him.   In this way Emily was sheltered her entire life.   When her father died, it was not surprising to see that Emily kept her fathers body.   She could not get rid of the only man to have been in her life.   She would deny the fact that her father had even died.  
After her father died Emily found a man to give her comfort.   She stumbled upon him when he was building the sidewalks outside her house.   His name was Homer Barron.   Emily was instantly attracted to him and started to spend time with him.   Emily assumed that he would wed her but caught wind that he had said he was “not a marrying man”.   Emily could not let go of the only other man she had ever had in her life.   Due to her insanity, she killed Homer Barron one night with arsenic.   The reason she killed him was because she wanted him to be with her for the rest of her life.  

After the disappearance of Homer Barron, Emily secluded into her home.   Most people thought the reason for this was because Homer had left her.   People would only spot her occasionally through her window.   Many people started to feel sorry for her and look at her life as a disappointment.   Many questions rose about her and she was talked as being crazy, but nothing was...

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