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a Revolution Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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A Revolution is a fundamental change in power when the people governed overthrow the government.
The scientific revolution is an era associated mainly with 16th and 17th centuries during which new ideas and knowledge progressed in physics, medicine, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. The development of new technology and scientific theories became the foundation of the scientific revolution. Those new ideas changed medieval views of nature and laid the foundation for modern science.
In the middle ages, many educated Europeans took interest in the world around them but these philosophers or medieval scientist relied on ancient authorities like Aristotle Instead of making observations of the natural world. During the Renaissance, which the scientific revolution began, Humanists mastered languages such as Greek as well as Latin and discovered works by Ptolemy, Archimedes, and Plato. Their writings made it clear that some ancient thinkers may have disagreed with Aristotle and other authorities of the middle ages. The Renaissance enabled a scientific revolution, which let scholars view the world in a different light. Religion, superstitions, and fear were replaced by reason and knowledge. Other developments also influenced new ways of thinking. Problems that required careful observation and accurate measurements provoked scientific activity that lead to new inventions such as the telescope and microscope. These new inventions made fresh and brand new scientific discoveries possible. Above all the printing press helped spread new ideas faster and easier. Nicolas Copernicus published his famous book On the Revolutions of the Heavenly spheres in 1543. He believed that his heliocentric conceptions of the universe were more accurate than the Ptolemaic system, which states that the universe is geocentric because the earth is the center of the universe. In his theory, the sun not the earth was the center of the universe, the planets revolved around the sun, and the moon...

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