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A Quality Essay

  • Submitted by: jeffyboy
  • on March 22, 2012
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Quality Essay
To write a book or a novel some authors may take five years, others may take less time.
Although, authors have different writing style, all of them share the same writing technique: planning. For instance, to begin a new novel project, the novelist must select the title, main characters and their names, location in where the story is being told, and of course the time and place in which the narrative is taking place. “To plan any piece of writing effectively, think about the nature of the assignment; the length and scope of the text you need to write to respond to that assignment; your purpose in the writing; and the audience you are writing for”(Cooley 12). Why do you need to plan your essay? Because, by doing so, you will have the opportunity to work in the most important part for any writing style: the structure. A quality essay structure contains an interesting introduction, and a coherent body and conclusion.
You only have one chance to impress the reader; therefore, the introduction of your essay is the most important part of it. For it captivates the reader’s attention, because it unfolds an overview picture of what is to be expected in your writing. “Because it is the first thing the reader’s sees, the beginning of an essay requires special care”(Cooley 30). To ensure a good essay introduction, include your thesis statement. For best results, state your main point or topic in the introduction paragraph. In Back to the Lake Cooley advices that the thesis statement should tell the reader what your topic is about; and it should be interesting. Moreover, write down your thoughts in an organized order. Connecting all your ideas with the thesis statement will lead you directly to the second component of a quality essay: the body.
Have you ever had the opportunity to see a house being built? The construction begins once you have all the drains, pipes, and electricity channels permanently connected; then, the framing work starts. Framing is when...

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