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A New Beginning Essay

  • Submitted by: andreabunnie
  • on April 16, 2015
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A New Beginning

Life was sweet in Jamaica, the warm weather, the way the sun always shone. We swam every day and rarely wore shoes when we weren’t at school.   But now we had to leave.
Mommy often spoke of England, she said it was cold and rained a lot.   My sister and I were both born there, but obviously we couldn’t remember that far back.   We sat at the airport, waiting to board the huge red and white plane and I stared out of the big window looking at the beautiful clear blue sea and tall coconut trees that lined the beach.   The airport was right by the beach and often I had watched the planes land and take off whilst building a sand castle.   I wondered what the sea in England would be like and would we even live close to it.
Eventually it was time to board the plane, leaving our home behind.   I swallowed back my tears and tried to be brave.   Earlier that day I had said goodbye to by best friend, who I had lived next door to since we were tiny babies, we had always done everything together until now.
It took nine hours to reach England and that gave me lots of time to think about how my life was about to change.   I questioned myself in silence; where would we live? A town or even a city? Would we have a garden?   Did they even have gardens in cities? What school would I go to? Would I make friends? Would the children make fun of me, because of the way I spoke?
Mommy was telling me to get some sleep as we still had a long time before reaching Cornwall, but I had too many thoughts spinning around my head.   I knew that when we arrived we would be surrounded by a large family, and they all lived close together, mommy had said we had aunts and uncles and cousins, but we hadn’t seen them since we were tiny, I hoped that they would be nice.   The only person I knew was Granny; she had often come to visit us in Jamaica.   I loved Granny.
I watched the ice form on the plane window, it was freezing outside already and we had only left my little island an hour ago....

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