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A Journey to Find Essay

  • Submitted by: Vivianxmwang
  • on August 18, 2015
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Once upon a time there was a little girl who worried her mother very much. It wasn’t that she ever misbehaved. She was very obedient and polite. She was also a brave little child, some of the time. However, what worried her mother was that this little girl was very afraid of monsters that lived only inside her head. The mother, a Fairly Queen, could not cast a spell to help her, since as we all know, according to Fairy law, a Fairy cannot assist her child by spell. Yet because her mother was so worried about her daughter’s future, she decided to send her daughter on journey which would resolve her concern, one way or another.

They lived just outside of a peaceful village on the edge of a forest. Each day the mother, a single fairy parent, would watch her little girl go outside and look into the woods. With the gift of being able to see into her little girls mind and heart, the mother could see the courage in the girl’s heart wrestling with the fear in her mind. The fairy mother knew what her daughter had to do, and what she, as a mother, needed to let her do.

One day, a little girl was walking by a creek in a beautiful forest. She listened to the murmuring water running down the rocks, and the sunlight shining its’ light through the trees and hitting the leaves on the ground. She listened as the birds chirp and it reminded her of her gentle mother waking her each morning. Suddenly the wind came up and she realized that she was only wearing pajamas and ballet slippers. She found herself timid and fearful.

As she walked in the fresh air amongst the trees, one of her slippers landed on an old key. It glimmered and sparkled on the ground. She wonders, where does this come from and what does it unlock? Hoping to find her answers, she slipped it into her pocket and walked on.

After a few minutes, she discovered she was walking along a wall in the foggy mist. No road to continue on, there was a wall, covered in green vines. Too slippery to climb over,...

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