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A Day Of Education Essay

  • Submitted by: mcmillansteph
  • on March 24, 2012
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Education is always education no matter the setting. In high school it was always the same; homework, classes, teachers, and students have always been there and always will. College is no different, and at first glance, the only thing that seems to be different is the course material. If you dig a little deeper though, you will see differences in people’s behavior in the morning, at lunch, and late afternoon as high school students, in contrast to college students.
Early mornings for high school students vary. The rare, responsible and organized high school student isn’t bothered by early mornings, bus rides, and a quick breakfast. If anything, the young, prepared, well-to-do scholar isn’t stressed about much except their homework, which is surely done to the best of their abilities, and keeping their grades as high as possible. Most high school students view morning a little more differently.
The alarm clock goes off at 6 o’clock or so, you take a shower, maybe catch some breakfast, and get out the door.; the start to a really long day. When you get there, three-fourths of the student body is slumbering, zombie-like, about the hallways. The rough thing about high school is that it is as if you are being forced into a cage, held against your will for eight exhausting hours, and the whole while the ringing of that final bell reverberates quietly in your eardrums. This is a tormenting prospect to have to face day in and day out, but somehow most students survive those four sordid years.
In class the clock ticks and tocks with the thumping of their hearts. Together the two sounds create a strange and dramatic symphony. Their eyes start to droop, but as the room begins to fade away, the approaching sound of the teacher’s footsteps pierce their ears. The swiftness of it reflects the omnipresent alertness every teacher has to have, and has had to perfect over the years. Younger teachers are more at ease walking in weary and yawning. This does nothing for half-awake...

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