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A Day in the Life of a Babysitter Essay

  • Submitted by: lilmanroc9
  • on August 19, 2015
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The life of most teenagers is very simple, go to school, come home, eat dinner, do your homework, and go to bed to wake up the next morning to start all over again.   My life is a bit different, but it is the life I love and choose to live every day.   Since I don’t go to a normal high school, I get to sleep in until 7:30 then I get ready to babysit.   I babysit quite frequently which gives me the opportunity to earn extra cash to spend on clothes or whatever I choose and I also get to spend time with the neighbor kids I enjoy being around.   I also have the opportunity to go anywhere I want during the day instead of being in a classroom from 8-3.   I can go to starbucks or any place with wifi like mcdonalds to do my schoolwork and enjoy the fresh air.   I am able to go any place to do anything I want which opens a whole new world of opportunities for me unlike any other kids get to have.  
One of the things I enjoy most about babysitting is the fact that it is very rewarding.   When I babysit, I don’t go knowing that I dread what lies ahead for me, I go knowing that it’s always different and that it makes me feel good about myself because I am helping out my neighbor and that I am getting to spend my time hanging out with two very fun kids.   The two girls I babysit are named Isabella, which goes by Bella and Sophia, which goes by Soph.   The oldest is 5 while the youngest is only a year.   It is funny how time flies by so fast and it doesn’t seem like it’s been as long as it has.   I have been babysitting for them ever since the baby was 7 months and when I stop and think how she’s already a year old, it doesn’t even seem possible that it’s been 5 months already.
Another thing I enjoy most about babysitting is the fact that I get to earn a lot of experience in child care and have the chance to prove that I am capable of caring for another human like I do.   When I go to medical school, I will be able to put my experience to the test and be able to be ahead of the game...

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