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A Contribution Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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What measures were taken in 1919 and 1920 to help restore and maintain peace after World War I?
How did countries respond to these measures up to 1924?

After the devastation of World War I certain measures were taken to restore peace throughout Europe, to ensure such a destructive event would never happen again. Such measures were The Treaty of Versailles, Reparations for Germany, Disarmament of Germany’s navy and military forces and the creation of The League of Nations. These measures were received both positively and negatively throughout Europe which fuelled the upheaval of World War II.

The Treaty of Versailles was established in 1919 between David Lloyd George, the British representative, George Clemenceau, the French representative, Woodrow Wilson, the American representative and the initial creator of the Treaty, and Vittorio Orlando, the Italian representative. The Treaty was signed on June 28th 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference. The Treaty was a peace waver between Germany and the Allied Powers to make sure Germany did not start another war. France’s participation in the makeup of the Treaty was extremely unfavourable to the Germans, because of the mass annihilation France suffered. Germany could either sign the Treaty which included them paying massive debt to the countries affected, reducing their military and naval forces and admitting responsibility for World War I or face the occupation of the Allied Forces. This huge tear down of Germany was a tactic used to disarm them so profusely that they would never start another war.
The punishments Germany endured because of the Treaty of Versailles were thought to be a pay back to all countries harmed. They were forced to pay back 6.6 million pounds to the Allies, a loss of 16.7% of farmland, loss of 12.5% of livestock, loss of 10% of its factories. These reductions or ‘punishments’ were seen as necessary due to the fact that if Europe was to ever be properly re-united some debts had to be paid in...

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