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A Comment On Englishneologisms And Programming Lan Essay

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o mitting the forms and pointing to the first of these two
t riples. For Variation 2, only the form itself need to be
s tored.
D enote by v the number of memory accesses required
f or locating one item in a hash table using a specific hash
f unction. This includes the additional accesses required
f or resolving hash collisions by methods such as chaining
o r double hashing. Then the number of memory accesses
f or retrieving w is t = (2 I w[ + l)v for Variation 1,
([ w[ + 1)v for Variation 2, 3 [ w[ v for Variation 3, and
4 I wl v f or Variation 4. The hash dictionary can be
s tored in an almost full hash table with a good average
a nd worst case v by using a method such as that proposed
b y Schmidt and Shamir [6]. Since the same operators are
c alculated for every word, assembly language routines or
e ven microcoding of them can be prepared, thereby
r educing the CPU cost. On the other hand, more
" collisions" than in normai hashing can be expected:
w henever two distinct dictionary words are transformed
i nto the same string by our operators, both of them are
s tored, since they are induced by different dictionary
w ords. The problem of locating them is of course taken
c are of automatically by the collision handling mechan ism associated with the hash function, but the number
o f collisions increases. We have not investigated this
e ffect; instead we wish to thank the referee for pointing
o ut the desirability of doing so.
T he RED method can also be extended to detect
o ther types of errors, which are not single errors but
o ccur frequently in optical character recognition, such as
c hanging one character into two other characters (horiz ontal splitting); changing two characters into one other
c haracter (catenation); changing two characters into two
o ther characters (crowding). (The terms are from [5].)
T his can be achieved, for example, by storing D ~(x)

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