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A Basic Analysis Of Bret Lotts

  • Submitted by: jgalusha
  • on March 22, 2012
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Jo Gal

English 0960
February 26, 2012
"A Basic Analysis of Bret Lott's Essay "Brothers"
  The old saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words" rings true as you read Bret Lott's essay "Brothers," which is an excerpt from Fathers, Sons, and Brothers: The Men in my Family (1997).   In this essay, Lott analyzes the complex relationships between the male members of his family.   Implying that younger siblings must endure the pinches and kicks of their childhood in order to become Adults. However, we sometimes don't know who our siblings are once we reach adulthood.
  As with most things, overtime our memories sometimes faded just like Lott's family movie from the early 60s.   Lott describes in (paragraph 2) the way he, his brother and mothers faces seem milk-white on the screen, and how even their hair, his mothers swim suit and the bushes behind them became dull and lifeless.   He wants the reader to feel sure that this memory is a concrete fact, even though the movies color has faded with age.
  Lott describes an event from his childhood that plays out in (paragraph3-10) allowing his readers to learn an important piece of history between his older brother and himself.   Hinting to his readers that there has been friction between he and Brad since a very early age. In( paragraphs14-16), Lott describes a black and white photo taking by his wife in 1980 outlining the differences in their heights, and their choice of clothing, but he made sure to point out that both he and his brother were also wearing genuine smiles even though they were goofy ones. Indicating that despite their differences they are still brothers and as in the picture they sometimes lean on each other for support.
  Upon analysis of the first two portions of this essay, the reader has only two small snap shots of Lott's life, 20 years apart. Not until (paragraph 18) and then again in (paragraph 55), does the author give you more incidents of interactions between, his older...

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