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7 Years War Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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The 7 years’ war which is also known as the French and Indian War in America began in 1756 when England started a war with France. The war was declared because England and France wanted to control the Mississippi river valley. It leads to debt in England from overspending and it leads to the capture of Louisbourg. The first year of the war England suffered many defeats to France due to the alliances they had. England expanded the war effort and found alliances to help in the war and put themselves in debt trying to beat the French. Quebec and Montreal fall by 1757 and France was finally expelled from Canada after losing to England and their allies. The French only retained Sugar Island in the end. England got the title to Canada and all the lands east of the Mississippi including Florida, and the Spanish get Louisiana. The seven years’ war was ended with the Treaty of Paris on February, 10th 1763. The treaty made sure the colonial and maritime power of England and strengthened the American colonies by removing their rivals to the north and the south of them. This war united the American colonies to a great power because they all gather together against their rival. Then they found after losing one rival they gained another with England controlling them. England wouldn't let the colonies expand west because they were in control now. Then the colonists were taxed by England to help cover the debt of the war. The American colonies were brought together because of the conflict but were still stifled by England, so they had more strength but were held back from expanding by England.

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