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504 Plan

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  • on April 15, 2015
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504 Plan Accommodations to help Students with ADHD

  1. Preferential Seating- Seat child away from distractions (door, window, pencil sharpener, or distracting students) near teacher, or by a good role model/ classroom “buddy”.   This helps the child stay focused on the teacher.
  2. Extended Time for Testing- Is helpful for students who tend to retrieve and process information at a slower speed and so take longer with testing.  
  3. Modification of test format and delivery- consider oral exams, use of a calculator, chunking or breaking down tests into smaller sections to completed, provide breaks between sections, quiet place to complete tests, multiple choices or fill in the blank test form instead of essay.
  4. Assistance with note taking- Children with ADD tend to have trouble remembering spoken instructions.   Allowing them to record assignments, providing them with a note taking partner or providing them with a copy of class notes will help the child keep up with class notes.  
  5. Modifications in classroom and homework assignments- shortened assignments will compensate for the amount of time it takes to completed.   Keep the questions just as hard with a fewer amount.   Extend time to   complete assignments, reduce the amount of written work, break down assignments and long term projects into segments with separate due dates for each segment.   Allow student to dictate or tape record responses,   allow the student to use computer for written work, oral reports or hands on projects to demonstrate learning of material.
  6. Modification of teaching methods- Multisensory instructions, visual cues, hands on activities, highlight or underline important parts of tasks, cue student in on key points of lesson, providing guided lecture notes, outlines and study guides, reduce demands on memory, teach memory skills such as mnemonics, visualization, oral rehearsal and repetitive practice, use books on tape, assistance with organization, prioritization and...

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