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5.03 Primate Evolution Essay

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Predict the species of your skull based on first observation, giving an explanation for your prediction.
I think that the unknown skull is of the Australopithecus afarensis (extinct hominid) species.   I predict this because the skulls share a similar long head.

Quantitative Observations: Determine Supraorbital Height
1. Use the calipers to measure the distance AC (from point A to point C on the skull).
2. Use the calipers to measure the distance BC (from point B to point C on the skull).
3. These measurements will be used to calculate the skull’s supraorbital height according to the formula:   (BC/AC) × 100 = Supraorbital Height
4. Record the skull’s supraorbital height in the data table.
5. Take the same measurements for each of the skulls, recording the supraorbital heights in the data table.
Data and Observations:
Create a data table to record your observations and measurements for each skull:
Skull|Forehead|Face|Teeth|Foramen Magnum|Brain Cavity |Supraorbital Height (cm)|
Pan troglodytes (modern chimpanzee)|Sloping|Flattened|Short/Dull|Rear|6.08cm|54.934cm|
Homo sapiens(modern human)|Vertical|Flattened|Short/Dull|Front|9.01cm|67.703cm|
Homo erectus(extinct hominid)|Vertical|Vertical|Short/Dull|Front|6.69cm|61.883cm|
Australopithecus afarensis (extinct hominid)|Sloping |Vertical|Both/Both|Rear|5.92cm|53.209cm|
Unidentified Fossil Skull   |Sloping |Flattened|Short/Dull|Rear|6.60cm|51.364cm|

I think that the unknown skull holds the most similarities to pan troglodytes.   However, the unknown skull is also closely related to the Australopithecus afarensis skull.   My hypothesis was right in that the unknown skull was very similar to the Australopithecus afarensis.   However, I was a small bit off as the pan troglodytes ended up holding more similarities with the unknown skull.   I think that the unknown skull was less closely related with the Homo sapiens and Homo erectus; perhaps some kind of distant cousin.   The Pan...

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