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45 Year Old Lady Essay

  • Submitted by: Shaquanda
  • on April 14, 2015
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Case Study of 45 Year Old Woman
Shaquanda Brown
Kaplan University

  1. Define “Standard of Care.” How would appropriate “Standard of care” be determined in this case?

Answer. Standard of care is a formal diagnostic and treatment process a doctor will follow for a patient with certain of symptoms or a specific illness. In this case standard of care would be determined by the way the doctor will treat the patient after seeing the severity of her injury he decided to go ahead and proceed with the medical treatment necessary to treat the patient.

  2. What is the difference between informed and implied consent? Was the consent in this case implied, informed, or neither? Explain your response.

Answer. Informed consent occurs when a provider explains the treatment or procedure and the patient or the person representing the patient agrees to the treatment required. Whereas implied consent occurs when a patient’s behavior suggests compliance. Such as holding there arm up when an member of the medical team walks in the room and the patient hold their arm up indicating that it is ok to take their blood pressure or give them a shot.

  3. Using the internet, research the Patient Care Partnership. Identify and explain three rights that the patient has according to the Patient Care Partnership.

Answer. Under the Patient Care Partnership the patient has the right to
        * Be given information about any medical procedure that should take place.
        * Have a say so about the treatment they are going to receive.
        * And the right to always be respected.

  4. Using the internet, research the Good Samaritan Law in your state. Summarize it and explain if it would apply to this case.

Answer. The Good Samaritan Law of Florida would apply in this case because the doctor acted on good faith and judgment and since the patient was incoherent he had to act fast. Also because he couldn’t get in contact with her next of kin I feel as though he...

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