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40 Reasons Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Below is an essay on "40 Reasons" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. I love your eyes

  2. I love you lips

  3. I love your face

  4. I love your smile

  5. I love when you kiss me passionately

  6. I love the way stare at me(kahit   awkward)

  7. I love it every time you hug me( so hug me tight :) )

  8. I love you even you are mad

  9. I love you even you're angry

  10. I love you every time you tell   me I'm pretty even if I'm not

  11. I love you when you say I'm sexy even if I'm skinny

  12. I love you because you know how to make me smile

  13. I love you when you say sorry ( even I'm the one who committed mistakes)

  14.   I love you because you make my day better

  15. I love the way you look when you're being naughty

  16. I love you for being patient on my attitude

  17. I love that you love taking stolen pictures of me

  18. I love the sound of your voice over the phone

  19. I love the way you respect me

  20. I love your passion for your hobbies and interest

  21. I love the way you look when you sleep

  22. I love the way we make up after the fight

  23. I love your openness to try new things (pagbyahe ng malayo at nagiisa, infairness)

  24. I love your greatness

  25. I love your passion for guitar ;)

  26. I love it when you sing a song (though minsan napipilitan)

  27. I love the way you say my name

  28. I love the way you call me "Michelleko"

  29. I love the way you say I love you!

  30. I love the way you hold your temper   for us to be ok

  31. I love your shyness

  32. I love it when you miss me

  33. I love the feeling that you love being with   me

  34. I love the way you love me

  35. I love it because I love you too ;)

  36. I love the feeling of being apart but still manage to make things work.

  37. I love everything about you (except vices syempre, bad yun ei)

  38. I just wanna say I love who I am now because of you.

  39. I love you no matter what comes along our way.

  40. No...

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