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37 Dreaded Questions Essay

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  • on April 4, 2014
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            1. How would you identify and use different types of evidence when carrying out assessments?
Performance evidence provides proof of what a candidate can do.
Work products copies of work produced by the candidates
Questioning – (oral and/or written);
Professional discussion.- This can be used to support observation reports, examination of work products and knowledge questionnaires.
Witness testimonies can be used as supporting evidence of a candidate’s performance.

            2. How would you identify and compare different types of evidence when making your assessment decisions.
All evidence from the candidates would be assessed against agreed standards of competence.

            3. How would you collect evidence in ways that are cost-effective and timely
Clear, concise, efficient, effective, current, and with input from the candidate.

            4. How would you collect and use evidence from candidates’ prior experience and achievements within the current assessment process.
Interview the candidates
APL.   Identifying previously gained skills and abilities should be instigated at the initial assessment phase of the recording process.   I would require proof of prior experience, this could be proven by candidates producing certificates. This could then create an opportunity in some cases to reduce the time it takes to achieve a qualification or to be exempt from units.

            5. How would you develop and agree assessment plans with candidates and the other people involved.
I would discuss this with the candidate prior to doing the assessment to give them time to prepare.   I would discuss the unit with candidate and decide what part of the standards they will be working on. I would also decide what sort of evidence they will be required to produce.

            6. How would you accurately assess performance against specific parts of a standard?.
I would examine the...

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