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2d Fem Square Rcs Essay

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% PURPOSE: This Matlab code solves a two-dimensional scattering problem
% using the finite element method. The scatterer is a perfectly
% conducting circular cylinder of radius robj; all the dimensions are given
% in terms of the free-space wavelength. A TM-to-z incident plane wave is
% scattered from the circular cylinder and propagates undisturbed toward
% infinity. To simulate this undisturbed propagation of the scattered field
% toward infinity, a first-order absorbing boundary condition (ABC) was
% imposed at a distance rho away from the center of the cylinder. The farther
% the ABC boundary is placed, the more accurate the ABC is. The free space
% between the circular cylinder and the ABC boundary is subdivided into
% triangles governed by linear interpolation functions. Dirichlet boundary
% conditions are applied on the surface of the cylinder; i.e., the tangential
% electric field, in this case Ez, is set to zero for all the nodes that
% coincide with the surface of the circular cylinder.
% The finite element method is applied to the homogeneous scalar wave
% equation, otherwise known as the homogeneous Helmholtz equation. The
% primary unknown quantity is the total electric field in the z-direction
% which is given by the incident field plus the scattered field. The
% direction of the incident field is set toward the positive x-axis (phi_i=0)
% whereas the total field is evaluated at a distance half-way between the
% scatterer and the ABC boundary for all observation angles between 0 and 360
% degrees. The numerical solution is compared with the exact analytical
% solution.
% The user is allowed to set the following input parameters:
% rhoj = radius of the scatterer (circular cylinder) in wavelengths
% rho   = radius of the ABC boundary in wavelengths
% h     = discritization size in wavelengths
% E0   = amplitude of the...

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