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23 1/2 Hours Essay

  • Submitted by: Ajeffrey1
  • on April 18, 2015
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23 ½ Hours

The video described what most of us already know; but we just find it hard to live by.   I know for myself I always try to walk or lift weights daily, but sometimes I just get busy and before I know it, it is bedtime.   The video did bring up a few good points. I agree that most people do spend too much time watching TV and not getting up and moving like we should.   I agree that is one of the contributing factors to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. I also agree that preventive medicine is the key to changing the health of everyone, especially children and young adults.  

          Most people do dive into exercise and give themselves a strike schedule that is hard to live by and that is the reason that they give up.   Just making small changes and then gradually increasing them sounds like a good idea.   I agree with parking farther away, taking the stairs and just walking sounds like a good way to start.   My neighbors even put their treadmill and elliptical in the living room.   They found this to help for their nightly routine.   Instead of sitting on the couch they hopped on their exercise machines.  

While working in the emergency room I have seen what having a unhealthy life style can do to you far to often.   I have seen people that weigh 500pounds and we have to break out the big beds for them to lie on. Some we have had to put two stretchers together so they fit. To me this is terrible and it always leads back to someone whom helped him or her to get this way.   After they get so big they can’t walk anymore so someone is still bringing them food.   It is appalling and I don’t want to see anyone end up this way. So I thank you for what you do to help others.  

I know for myself, my daily routine is getting up around six in the morning, dropping the kids off at school about eight in the morning and then coming home and cleaning house, and then sitting down to study.   If I sit down to study on the couch, that is it for me, I am tired and I...

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