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2 Souls Who Got Cursed Essay

  • Submitted by: IluvHollywood
  • on April 2, 2014
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Once there was a boy named Jimmy who lived with his joint family. He was happily living with his family. On the night of the full moon, Jimmy’s life was changed. He sees a zombie heading the way to his home. No, he sees 2 zombies heading the way to his home, 1 was a girl and another was a boy. They were like best friends. They kept on saying that Jimmy was their friend too. Then they disappeared and made Jimmy worried. The next day he went to his mom and said, “Mom, last night I saw 2 zombies coming towards our home. A girl and a boy, they looked like best friends and said, ‘Jimmy, you are our friend also whose soul survived and has taken another body, our souls are with you hoping that you help us break our curse which is now legend’, mom, what is the legend?”. His mom replied, “Jimmy, the zombies you are talking about were really your friends, let me tell you the whole story.” And the story begins-: One day, in summer of 1998 there were 3 friends named Marlon, Britney and Mark. They were going on their usual route. On the route, Mark and Marlon started to fight and said to each other, “I will kill someday”. On the night of the full moon all three went into the woods near their city. Marlon saw something and asked the other 2 if they saw anything up ahead. Britney said that she did see something but Mark didn’t see. Then Mark said, “You both go ahead I will wait for you over here”. When Marlon and Britney went ahead, they saw an old rusted house ahead and came back to tell Mark what they saw. When Mark heard everything he believed them and all three went home. 2 days later, Marlon and Britney went back to the house in the woods. They took flashlight with them and went inside the house. In the house lived a witch and a wizard who were still there in the house and didn’t like anyone entering their house so when they saw Marlon and Britney come inside their house, they asked Marlon and Britney, “what are you both doing here? You are not supposed to come here”. Marlon...

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