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2.04 Us History Essay

  • Submitted by: ShaktonAndrews
  • on April 3, 2014
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Shaton Andrews
2.04 Coming to America
Immigration Guide to the USA.
  * Home country for the guide
  * Immigration laws
Some US Immagration laws may include the Alien Friends Act of 1798 which allows the president to deport any resident immigrant who is considered to be “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States”.
Another law would be the INA Amendments which set a 20k maximum limit for immigrants from any country.
  * What the journey may be like
The journey will be very long and tiresome. They may be travelling in cramped, unsanitary quarters, they can face sickness. They may want to give up and just go back, but they should prep for the worse before taking on the journey to the Land of the Free.
  * What to expect when arrived
Immigrants can expect interviews from officials; about their purpose, background, etc, background checks. They can also be check for any unknown diseases or sicknesses they can bring into the country.
  * Jobs that may be available
Jobs available may be construction, maids, factories, steel mills, lumber yard, coal mines etc.
  * Where to settle
Most likely to settle in areas like Virginia, Washington DC, New York because that’s where most of the immigrants from England may settle. Also allows for them to be in similar environments with similar faces and customs.
  * What life may be like
Life may be difficult and hard. Getting back on your feet will be tough but they will eventually get there. They will have to adapt to the new environment and the lifestyles of the immigrants that were already living there.

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