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13123 Essay

  • Submitted by: yunxianglu
  • on March 31, 2014
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the value of a whistleblower:
how to build a culture of ethics within your company
Chuck Gallagher

oger, a good friend and an ethical individual, was at a business conference last week with a co-worker, Sam, who decided to take a few of his subordinates out for an evening of entertainment – entertainment not sanctioned by the company. The next day, as Sam was preparing to submit his receipts for his expense report, Roger noticed that he was submitting the receipts for his prior night’s activities. More importantly, Roger noticed that Sam’s description on the receipts was inaccurate. Sam flat-out lied on his expense report. Roger wondered what would be the ethical thing to do. On one hand he could ignore what he saw and just let it pass, rationalizing that it was not his business. Or, he could confront Sam and encourage him to reconsider his choice, suggesting that following the ethics policy of his company would create better consequences. Or, lastly, Roger could comply with the company’s guidelines and report the ethical lapse.


The question isn’t what did Roger do. The question to consider is: “What would you do?” If you chose the third option – the one that is expected as part of compliance with most organizational ethics guidelines – you would be labeled a “whistleblower.” Who wants to be called that? Snitch, tattletale and other negative words from childhood come to mind when someone is called a whistleblower. Yet, if your company or association is committed to creating a culture of ethical behavior, the term “whistleblower” is the number one key to ethical success. How Can That Be? Statistics indicate that 42% of the time someone “tipping off” an employer about an ethical lapse or potential fraud is the number one way companies maintain ethics and prevent fraud. Amazing as it may seem,

internal staff is the best police system for maintaining ethical behavior. Most are amazed that it is that high; all too often we want to look the other way, or...

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  • Submitted by: yunxianglu
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 1,054 words
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