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10 Things i Will Do For My Country Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Celebrities nowadays range from film actors to sports stars, and most, if not all of them
have done their part for their respective countries, usually using their immense wealth and
influence to do so. Personally, if I ever become a celebrity, I like to see myself as a movie
director, comparable to Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Were I to become as rich
and famous as they are, I would do a lot for my country, Malaysia.
For starters, as a world famous movie director, I would insert values and traditions
unique to Malaysia in my work. Themes such as strength in unity and coexistence among
different races will be common in my films. Our country is unique as it consists of three
major ethnic groups living peacefully and harmoniously together. Through my films, I will
open the eyes of the world to the rich Malaysian culture and history, allowing my
audiences worldwide to get to know Malaysia better, and recognize her as the rare gem of a
country she is.
As an influential celebrity worth billions, I would establish good relationships with other
countries worldwide by sponsoring and hosting international events and programs, donate
large sums of money or even buildings to international organizations such as the United
Nations, as well set up funds for the less fortunate around the world, all in the good name
of Malaysia. This will help gain international support and trust for Malaysia, which would
greatly help our position in the world as well as our global influence,
Besides that, Malaysia is renowned for its well developed palm oil industry, and is the
largest producer and exporter of palm oil, second only to Indonesia. Palm oil can be
developed into biodiesel, which has enormous potential as an alternative energy to crude
oil, which is unrenewable and growing scarce by the day. Despite that, biodiesel’s
efficiency cannot match crude oil, and our current level of technology is still incapable of
producing biodiesel cost-effectively. Because...

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